This program aims to support infants to create, improve and maintain good eating habits through food education. They will learn the nutritional value of food, and the importance of it for their healthy growth and development, emphasizing their individuality (preferences, needs, family nutrition, among others) and autonomy throughout the process; with the purpose of providing nutritional and psychological counseling based on the reality of each child.


Therefore, this program also intends that parents have recommendations on food and nutrition, which help them to support their children to sustain this varied, balanced and nutritious diet, making food not only a necessity for children. children, but also a pleasure.

Children will learn to:

Identify the foods in their different groups.

Recognize the importance of these food groups in your daily diet.

Putting together a balanced meal plate in a didactic way.

Autonomy and control when it comes to eating.

The importance of creating healthy habits.

How to maintain healthy habits in your daily routines.

How the program will be carried out:

1. Consulta por psicología y nutrición.

Durante la consulta se realiza educación nutricional, y. abordaje de psicología, se entrega “plan” con recomendaciones psicológicas y nutricionales.

15 días después

2. Segunda consulta.

Control con reajustes ALIMENTARIOS. Se realiza nuevamente educación nutricional atendiendo a la retroalimentación desde el último control, verificando y mejorando el aprendizaje del niño(a).

Se realiza también consulta psicológica para observar el estado emocional del infante y brindar nuevamente recomendaciones según sean necesarias.

15 días después

3. Tercera consulta.

Control de antropometría y retroalimentación. Duración del tratamiento: 1 mes con posibilidad de renovar.

Duración del tratamiento: 1 mes con posibilidad de renovar