My name is Lina Noriega. I am a Dietitian Nutritionist who graduated from Pontifical Xavierian University of Bogota, Colombia. After I finished my studies, I felt the need to dig deeper into my knowledge and enrolled the master’s degree program in Nutrition and Metabolism with emphasis on Clinical Nutrition at the University of Barcelona and Rivora i Virgili, which helped me understand human metabolism functioning and the adequate nutrition during special situations, such as illnesses. Besides, my love for children and the importance of having a healthy diet withing early childhood, led me to enroll to a Postgraduate program in Paediatric Nutrition at Boston University.

While performing my practice, I understood that the job of a Nutritionist goes beyond prescribing personalized diets. Emotional support and permanent advice are crucial. Once this was clear to me, I decided to obtain a nutritional coaching certification with Nutritional coaching experts. I am passionate about my work because I have the opportunity to help many people to improve their health condition and thus their quality of life. Being able to listen to people and understand their needs is fundamental in my job, as it is motivating my clients and give them the right tools to have a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet.


Improve people´s life quality by bringing support during a change of habits process guided to improve their physical and mental health.


By 2022, provide a comprehensive service aimed to improve people’s well-being by complementing basic nutritional counseling with the following services: coaching, psychology, child nutrition, yoga, courses, and workshops.

“Actively listening to people, understanding their situation and needs is essential for proper nutritional treatment.”


Functional Nutrition

A diet which ensures you an adequate nutritional intake for having a good health, and to also have a group of foods that contribute to a prevention of chronic non transmissible diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, among others. A diet aimed at maintaining a healthy metabolism, an adequate hormonal balance, a strengthened immune system, a proper gastrointestinal function, and mental health.


Clinical Nutrition

Nutrition adapted for nutritional and metabolic changes related to acute or chronic diseases and conditions caused by an excess or lack of energy. Nutritional therapy is key in the treatment and prevention of many illnesses.


Nutritional Coaching

Process in which the patient is accompanied at all times to make a profound change, to improve the relationship they have with food, going beyond a simple indicator of weight, thus making a comprehensive change in all aspects of life, not simply in food.

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